Ever Gold [Projects] presents ongoing releases of unique NFTs by our gallery artists

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Mark Flood on SuperRare
KATSU on SuperRare
Mieke Marple on Foundation
Mieke Marple’s PFP, “Medusa Collection” 
Christine Wang on Foundation

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Upcoming [Project] 

The Medusa Collection is a set of 2,500 unique NFTs by artist Mieke Marple on the Ethereum blockchain launching December 6, 2021. The collection is a large-scale artwork + restorative history + fundraiser that dedicates 25% of all sales to Steven Van Zandt’s national education non-profit TeachRock.org


Don’t have ETH (Ethereum) but want to buy a NFT from Mieke Marple’s Medusa Collection drop?

You can buy through Ever Gold [Projects] here, and still get an officially minted NFT, through an “Off-Chain” payment process.