Eight Works by Eight Artists

A group online exhibition on 8 Bridges
December 3, 2020 – January 4, 2021


Drew Bennett, Heather Day, Sandy Kim, Mieke Marple, Greg Rick, Adam Parker Smith, Christine Wang, and Zio Ziegler.


View the online viewing room here


Ever Gold [Projects] is pleased to announce our participation in the third iteration of the 8-Bridges platform with a group online exhibition.

The eight artists, each contributing one artwork, directly or indirectly responds to the complexities of 2020 using methods that vary from the figurative to the abstract, from the spiritual to the absurd.

Drew Bennett’s Lagoon Swimmers speaks to a renewed appreciation of nature—as sane, healing, and inseparable from human life—that has arisen during this year of forced contemplation.

Heather Day’s Red Orange Epilogue, made from two sewn-together canvases, expresses the need to balance hard lines and boundaries with soft amorphous edges, in both literal and metaphorical compositions.

Sandy Kim’s dreamy photograph of a youth’s blurred reflection comments on our inability to see ourselves with accuracy due to the fantasies we project onto others and ourselves.

Mieke Marple’s Queen Of Swordspainting marks a return to spirituality, as is common in times of great uncertainty. The piece, which is covered with 24k gold leaf, presents spirituality as luxury asset—one of the many forms spirituality has historically taken.

Greg Rick’s Race Warspainting illustrates the chaos of our polarized times and reflects on the arbitrariness of race. For there is no monolith black or monolith white, and, yet, the tyranny of anti-blackness exists and persists.

Adam Parker Smith’s Nikoxenos Amphora, featuring an ancient Greek rendering of the Death of Priam (King of Troy), reminds us of our long-standing fascination with violence and desire to depict it in art.

Christine Wang’s 401Kpainting, featuring a cryptocurrency meme enlarged and expertly reproduced, points to the tangible importance of our intangible digital lives—as well as to humor’s ability to tackle, with a poet’s efficiency, topics both dark and unwieldly.

Zio Ziegler’s small minimalist painting, Radical Simplification of a Complex Reality, 2,isolates complexities from his other series (currently on view at Ever Gold [Projects]) into a series of simple, bold black oil marks on raw canvas, asking us to rethink what we see or don’t see—i.e. how we preserve reality.

The variety of these works reminds us that no matter what happens, or how we interpretate it, our shared human experience looks, to each of us, very different. And yet, the desire to share these variegated experiences is what binds these artists, and all of us, together.


All inquires please contact: info@nullevergoldprojects.com




Drew Bennett
“Lagoon Swimmers”, 2020
Oil on linen
44 x 48 inches



Heather Day
“Red Orange Epilogue” 2020
Acrylic and oil on stitched canvas
48 x 36″ [HxW] (121 x 91 cm)


Sandy Kim “Untitled”, 2020. Archival digital photograph. 30×45 inches. Edition of 2 (2AP)



Mieke Marple “Two of Swords (Choices),” 2020 24K gold and acrylic on canvas 40 x 30 inches [HxW] (101 x 76 cm)



Greg Rick
“Race War” 2020
Acrylic, ink, graphite, thread, enamel, oil-stick, and collage on canvas
57 x 60″ [HxW] (144 x 152 cm)



Adam Parker Smith “Nikoxenos Amphora”, 2020 Resin, steel, urethane 16 x 11 x 6 inches



Christine Wang
“401k” 2019
Acrylic on canvas
60 x 72″ [HxW] (152 x 182 cm)




Zio Ziegler
“Radical Simplification of a Complex Reality, 2,” 2020
Oil on canvas
22 x 20″ [HxW] (55 x 50 cm)