We are currently in the process of reorganizing our documentation of exhibitions from 2009-2015.

A full list of past exhibitions will be available shortly.




Paul Kos
May 7 – June 6, 2016

Petra Collins
April 2-30, 2016


Mary Frey, Pat McCarthy, JJ PEET, and Tom Sachs
Satan Ceramics
January 23 – March 26, 2016




Carolyn Salas
See Thru
October 24 ­– December 12, 2015

Pat McCarthy
September 10 – October 17, 2015


Mark Flood
Some Frequently Assked Questins
*SFAQ [Project] Space (449 O’Farrell)
July 9 — August 15, 2015


David Bayus, Henry Gunderson, Jamian Juliano-Villani, Austin Lee, Evan Nesbit, Matthew Palladino, Carolyn Salas, and Eric Shaw
Some New American Paintings
June 11 – July 11, 2015


Alexandre Arrechea Arrechea, Chris Burden, Amy Franceschini, Paul Kos, Tom Marioni, Sean McFarland, Mark Mulroney, Barry McGee, Guy Overfelt, Rafael Rozendaal and Tom Sachs
Highlights From Past SFAQ Projects 2012-2015
*SFAQ [Project] Space (449 O’Farrell)
June 11-27, 2015


Selected Works
*SFAQ [Project] Space (449 O’Farrell)
May 9-30, 2015


Ben Venom
Let’s Go All The Way
May 7 ­­­– June 6, 2015


Petra Collins, Carlotta Kohl, T.V. Wade, Claire Milbrath, and Nguan
Comforter, curated by Petra Collins
*SFAQ [Project] Space (449 O’Farrell)
March 13 – April 11, 2015


Sandy Kim
How’s the Weather Down There?
March 13 ­– April 18, 2015


Mark Benson
How was your weekend?
January 16 ­–­ February 14, 2015




Joey Enos and Tamara Seal
New California Sculpture
November 21 – December 19, 2014

Mark Mulroney
It’s Nice Outside
October 18 – November 15, 2014


Guy Overfelt
Free Bird: The Never Ending Joy Ride, 1998-2014
September 5 – October 4, 2014


Jay De Feo, Roy De Forest, Sam Francis, Wally Hedrick, and David Simpson
Oh How Much It Hurt: Fred Martin and Friends in the Fifties
June 14 – July 18, 2014


Adam Parker Smith
May 9 ­– June 7, 2014


Henry Gunderson
April 5 – May 3, 2014


Sean McFarland and Jake Longstreth
March 6-29, 2014


Mauricio Ancalmo
Krap Etag Nedlog Reve
February 1 – March 1, 2014


5 Year Anniversary Group Show
January 16-19, 2014

Aaron Terry, Adam Parker Smith, Alex Braubach, Angie Crabtree, Austin McManus, Barry McGee, Ben Venom, Casey Gray, Charles Linder, Chris Blackstock, Chris Duncan, Chris Corrente, Chris Sollars, Christian Ebert, Christine Ancalmo, David Bayus, David Jones, David Marc Grant, Dean Dempsey, Dennis Kernohan, Don Ed Hardy, Emily Gorman, Emily Chaves, Erik Foss, Facundo Arganaraz, Ferris Plock, Francesco Deiana, Gina M. Contreras, Gregory Ito, Guy Overfelt, Heather Sparks, Henry Gunderson, Hilary Pecis, Jedd Hart, Jeremiah Jenkins, Jessica Flemming, Jessie Rose Vala, Jim Damron, Jocko Weyland, Joey Enos, Josh Short, John Held, Jr., Julio Cesar Morales, Kate Bonner, Keith Boadwee, Kelly Tunstall, Kent Long, Kent Roberts, Korakrit Arunanondchai, Leigh Cooper, Leigha Mason, Lisa K. Blatt, Lowell Darling, Lucien Shapiro, Lucy Kasofsky, Mario Ayala, Mark Benson, Mark Mulroney, Mark Van Proyen, Mary Joy Scott, Mary Ijichi, Mauricio Ancalmo, Meryl Pataky, Michelle Blade, Mike Paré, Mitsu Okubo, Molly Soda, Monica Canilao, Nina Dolores, Owen Takabayashi, Paul Kos, PEZ, Ray Potes, Rebecca Goldfarb, Robin Juan, Ryan Beavers, Ryan Coffey, Ryan De La Hoz, Ryan Malley, Sadie Barnette, Sandy Kim, Sarah Hotchkiss, Sean McFarland, Shalo P, Shelter Serra, Silver Warner, Tamra Seal, Steve MacDonald, Tara Lisa Foley, Tahitti Pehrson, Tim Sullivan, Tom Marioni, Tom Sachs, Tony Labat, Travis Collinson, Tyson Vogel, Wally Hedrick, Whitney Lynn, Yokonori Stone




Jeremiah Jenkins
Survival Guide
November 22, 2013 – January 4, 2014

Jocko Weyland
Crackle, Hiss, and Scrawl: Cassette Tapes, their Wrappings and Listings, 1980-2005
October 11 – November 15, 2013


Mark Mulroney
A Fertile Menace
May 4 – June 29, 2013


Evan Nesbit
Light Farming / Heavy Gardening
March 23 – April 26, 2013


Sadie Barnette
Composed and Performed
February 16 – March 15, 2013




Henry Gunderson
Apocalypse Shelter
December 21, 2012 – January 5, 2013

Adam Parker Smith
Forever 21
November 9 – December 15, 2012


Guy Overfelt
October 6 – November 3, 2012


Mark Benson
Get The Flu
September 1-27, 2012


Tyson Vogel
The Looming Symphonies: Your Streets Are My Song
August 17-19, 2012


Adam Parker Smith, Guy Overfelt, Sandy Kim, Mark Benson, Jeremiah Jenkins, Mark Mulroney, Chris Ritson, and Evan Nesbit
A Summer Group Show
July 7-21, 2012


Jeremiah Jenkins
Shit Doesn’t Have to Be So Fucked Up
May 5 ­– June 9, 2012


Yokonori Stone
Welcome to the Tenderloin
April 5-26, 2012


Sandy Kim
Soft and Wet
March 3-24, 2012


Josh Short
Bomb Shelter Radio/Tenderloin Self Defense Club
February 2-26, 2012




Beat by the Bay: SF Artists & Galleries of the Fifties
December 8, 2011 – January 6, 2012

Jessie Rose Vala
Future Teller
November 3-25, 2011


Lucas Soi
We Bought The Seagram Building
October 6-27, 2011


Owen Takabayashi
Exile and the Kingdom Also
September 1-24, 2011


Guy Overfelt
April 7-28, 2011


Chris Ritson
In the Kingdom of Charisma
February 3-26, 2011


Water McBeer
July 30 – August 7, 2011


Tahiti Pehrson
Theta Pegasi
July 7-28, 2011




Mark Mulroney
I’m Trying Really Hard
December 2, 2010 – January 6, 2011

Joey Enos
Phoney Baloney
December 2, 2010 – January 6, 2011


Mark McCloud
New Forms of Loafting Sour Dough
November 4-25, 2010


John Held, Jr.
Debris from the Cultural Underground
October 7-28, 2010


Laura Boles Faw
Propped Up: A Tale of No (Non)Sense
August 5-25, 2010


Kristen Van Patten and Jamie Spinello
August 5-25, 2010


Charles Linder
Good Cop / Bad Cop
July 17 – August 1, 2010


Alex Heilbron, Homer Hidalgo, Peter Hurley, and Chris Lux
Dream Summer
July 1-13, 2010


Austin McManus and Brandon Chuesy
Who Needs Friends When You Have a Partner in Crime
June 3-24, 2010




Swipple and Gold
December 10, 2009 – January 7, 2010

Sandy Kim
December 3-6, 2009


Aaron Eliah Terry
November 5-26, 2009


Korakrit Arunanondchai
November 5-26, 2009


Andrei Bouzikov, Ben Venom, Clint Smith, French, Glenn Smith, Jeremy Simmons, Justin Bartlett, Paul Alexander Thornton, and Son of Witz
Von Doom
October 1-31, 2009


Mark and Lucy Mulroney
Can you believe it, we almost got divorced
September 3-24, 2009


John Casey, Althea James, Jihaari Terry, Kale Cooley, Tara Foley, Nina Potepan, Troy Lovegates, Griffin Snyder, Monica Canilao, Constance Castillo, Barry McGee, Nathaniel Galipeau, Tahiti Pehrson, Emma Hazen, Mona Caron, Elina Ansary, Ray Potes, and Bryan Marciano
Double Trouble, curated by Tara Foley and Nina Potepan
August 6-27, 2009


Tara Foley, Tahiti Pehrson, Silver Warner, Massan Fluker, and Andrew McClintock
Fool’s Gold
June 4–25, 2009


Stephanie Dodes, Elinor Diamond, Cathy Fairbanks, Kevin Laccone, Brittany McCall, John K. Melvin, Chris Ritson, and Izumi Yokoyama
Everything for Nothing or Something
May 7-28, 2009


Ryan Coffey, Colin Hill, Steve Johnson, Mardi Burnham, AA Hurry, Jeremiah Jenkins, A.L.W., Jacob Clark, Mary Joy Scott, Paquerette, Tim Dwyer, Gina M. Contreras, Amber Young, Kit Rosenberg, Jason Chandler, Sara Wamie, Colby Claycomb, and Jason Grabowski
The Newspaper Show
April 2-30, 2009


Owen Takabayashi
Utopia and the Two Dollar Bill
March 5-26, 2009


Shalo P, Calvin Tresize, Jesi the Elder, Eric Wilson, Sean Niesen, Chris Ritson, and Alex Holmes
I Love To Turn You On
March 5-26, 2009


Collin Arlen, Will Atkinson, Oliver Fader, Ross Farrar, Massan Fluker, Megan Gorham, Lucas Kiers, Andrew McClintock, Austin McManus, James Newman, Hendrick Paul, John Perino, PEZ, and Jessica Tai
Golden Rope 1.0
February 5-27, 2009


Yuka Ezoe Onodera and Naoki Onodera
Bahama Kangaroo
February 5-27, 2009